Auguries: The Jubilee Volume of the Sheffield Department of by David J. A. Clines, Stephen D. Moore

By David J. A. Clines, Stephen D. Moore

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83- Bruce D. Chilton, God in Strength: Jesus' Announcement of the Kingdom (Studien zum Neuen Testament und seiner Umwelt, 1; Freistadt: Plochl, 1979); reprinted as The Biblical Seminar, 8; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1987. See also his 'Regnum Dei Deus Est', Scottish Journal of Theology 31 (1978), pp. 261-70. 84. R. D. Chilton, 'The Aqedah: A Revised Tradition History', Catholic Biblical Quarterly 40 (1978), pp. 514-46. See also Bruce D. Chilton, 'Irenaeus on Isaac (as Argued in his Adversus Haereses)', in Elizabeth A.

David E. Orton, The Understanding Scribe: Matthew and the Apocalyptic Ideal (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series, 25; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1989). 171. Glenn N. Davies, Faith and Obedience in Romans: A Study in Romans 1-4 0ournal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series, 39; Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1990). 172. Stephen E. 177 5. The 1990s The 1990s have become, to this observer's eye at least, a time of great intellectual ferment in the academy. It is not just that we are all working a great deal harder, longer hours and at an ever faster tempo, for which our 200, 300, 350 Megahertz computers and the Internet are setting the standard, and confronted by a geometric growth in the number of books and articles that claim our attention, both from within the discipline and, increasingly, from outside.

67. Anthony C. Thiselton, The Supposed Power of Words in the Biblical Writings', Journal of Theological Studies NS 25 (1974), pp. 282-99. 68. David Hill had also been supervised for the PhD by the distinguished New Testament scholar Matthew Black. 69. Philip R. Davies, 'Hasidim in the Maccabean Period', Journal of Jewish Studies 28 (1977), pp. 127-40; 'Dualism and Eschatology in the War Scroll', Vetus Testamentum 28 (1978), pp. 23-26; cf. also 'Dualism and 30 Auguries: The Sheffield Jubilee Volume having published his thesis as 1QM: The War Scroll from Qumran,70 could not be the whole of his scholarly interests, and set about developing his interest in Israelite historiography.

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