Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog by Neil C. Rowe

By Neil C. Rowe

Synthetic Intelligence via Prolog booklet

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Otherwise the interpreter fails (answers no). It's like the right side of the rule is substituted for the left side whenever it occurs in a query. The variable X is a local variable in the rule, a variable whose value will be "thrown away" when the rule is done, and will not be printed out in any query answer. Any Prolog variable that appears only on the right side of a rule is called local to that rule. html But gray_enterprise isn't too useful because it only covers one color. What we really want is a rule that will tell us what color something is.

The first predicate expression in the query will match the first fact in the database, with X=dick and Y=harry. 2. Moving to the second predicate expression in the query, the interpreter searches for a boss fact with harry as its first argument. But there's no such fact in the database, so the second expression in the query fails. 3. So the interpreter backtracks, returning to the first expression to make another choice. Last time it used the first fact in the database, so this time it uses the second fact and sets X=tom and Y=dick.

Class :- check_schedule, go_room, take_notes. This notation is useful for describing processes, even if we never define what the basic actions (like take_notes) are. A computer doesn't need to know everything to be intelligent, just the important things. g. English) specifications, either oral or written. Rules can be specified several ways in English. then" statement: If a vehicle floats on water, then it's a ship. html which could become the Prolog rule (note the reversed order): ship(X) :- vehicle(X), floats(X,water).

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