Arab Painting (Handbook of Oriental Studies Handbuch Der by Contadini, A.

By Contadini, A.

Arab portray is handled right here as an important inventive corpus in its personal correct. Rejecting the normal emphasis on person work, the celebrated participants to this quantity tension the mixing of textual content and snapshot as a extra efficient theoretical framework.

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The scene is divided into two stacked registers, each possessing its own earthen ground line. In each register, three male figures (four of them peasants clad only in breeches)71 engage in cultivation. The labourers of the upper register are tilling the soil and harvesting its yield. Below, a figure guides a threshing device pulled by oxen; two figures bear tools for winnowing and sifting grain. 72 It 69 70 71 72 Kerner 2004, pp. 140–43. Farès 1953a, pl. XV; Ettinghausen 1962, pp. 84, 86. Simpson 1985, p.

10 The Kitāb al-diryāq transmits the authority and knowledge of nine physicians of Antiquity who successively developed and refined theriac recipes. 11 The earliest securely dated Kitāb al-diryāq—and the earlier of the two illustrated copies—is the manuscript housed in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris under shelf mark arabe 2964. 14 The Paris Diryāq is probably 9 In keeping with current philological usage, this discussion distinguishes between literary form (or genre, meaning the outward appearance or organization of a work) and content (or subject matter).

3 Golombek 1972, p. 23. 5 The Kitāb al-diryāq ostensibly concerns the famed ‘universal antidote’ of Antiquity and is attributed in its title to Galen, with the commentary of Ya yā al-Na wī ( John the Grammarian/Johannes Grammatikos or Johannes Philoponus) of Alexandria. ’ While 4 While the term luxury book usually applies to works of courtly patronage, ‘luxury’ status may be ascribed to the illustrated Kitāb al-diryāq manuscripts (especially the Paris Diryāq) with little reservation. 5 × 28 cm.

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