Antiviral Drug Strategies (Methods and Principles in by Erik De Clercq

By Erik De Clercq

Via targeting normal molecular mechanisms of antiviral medicinal drugs instead of remedies for person viruses, this prepared reference presents the serious wisdom had to improve completely novel therapeutics and to focus on new viruses.It starts with a basic dialogue of antiviral options, through a extensive survey of identified viral objectives, similar to opposite transcriptases, proteases, neuraminidases, RNA polymerases, helicases and primases, in addition to their recognized inhibitors. the ultimate part comprises numerous instances reports of contemporary winning antiviral drug development.Edited via Erik de Clercq, the area authority on small molecule antiviral medicinal drugs, who has built extra new antivirals than an individual else.

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While the search for new therapeutic options to treat influenza virus infections has been continuously spurred by the emergence of new virus strains with pandemic “allures,” relatively little effort has been made to find or develop new therapeutics for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections. Of significant potential in this regard might be a benzodiazepine, RSV604 (structure as shown in Ref. [111]), which seems to be targeted at the RSV nucleocapsid protein and has proceeded to phase II clinical trials [111].

Their mechanisms of action and their therapeutic value against HIV infection and AIDS are discussed. 1 Structure of the HIV-1 Glycoprotein gp120 The first steps of HIV entry involve the binding of a viral surface protein (SU) to receptors (CD4) and coreceptors (CCR5 or CXCR4) on the plasma membrane of the host cell. Two SU glycoproteins are generated after endoproteolysis of the precursor protein (gp160) encoded by the HIV-1 env gene [3]. The larger of these (gp120) is derived from the amino-terminal portion of the precursor, lies entirely outside the envelope lipid bilayer, mediates receptor binding, and drives the fusion process.

1992) Enzyme-mediated enantioselective preparation of pure enantiomers of the antiviral agent 20 ,30 dideoxy-5-fluoro-30 -thiacytidine (FTC) and related compounds. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 57, 5563–5565. C. (1992) Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of racemic 20 ,30 -dideoxy-5fluoro-30 -thiacytidine in rhesus monkeys. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 36, 2432–2438. De Clercq, E. and Holy, A. (2005) Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates: a key class of antiviral drugs. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 4, 928–940.

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