Alice in Puzzle-Land. A Carrollian tale for children under by Raymond M. Smullyan

By Raymond M. Smullyan

More than a few puzzles facing note play and common sense, arithmetic and philosophy, that includes Alice and the creatures of Wonderland.

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Replied the Gryphon. " asked Alice. "Look," he said, "just what do we mean by profit? Well, when someone buys and sells something, the profit is the difference between the amount he got for the article and the amount he paid for it. So, if I was to sell you something for nine dollars for which I 3 ALICE IN PUZZLE- LAND paid seven dollars, I would make a profit of two dollars. " "Seems, child? " replied the Gryphon. "So this here dealer took in eleven dollars—he first took in ten, then gave out eight, leaving two, then took in another nine, so that makes eleven.

Asked the Duchess. THE KNAVE OF HEARTS Alice solved this last puzzle. "I think I know why half the people around here are mad," said Alice. " asked the Duchess. "I think they went mad trying to work out puzzles like these. " said Alice as politely as she could. "For example, there's the Knave of Hearts," the Duchess went on, "he keeps company with the Spade-Gardeners, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven. " "Well," said the Duchess, "Three believes that One is mad. Four believes that Three and Two are not both mad.

One day, at a certain hour, the two clocks started chiming at the same time. After the King's clock finished chiming, the Queen's clock made two more chimes. " 4 ALICE IN PUZZLE- LAND B. The Mock Turtle Joins In "I liked that puzzle," said Alice. "It was simple but pleasant. " said the Gryphon. " Alice looked up, and there indeed was the Mock Turtle slowly advancing toward them, sighing and sobbing as he came. " asked Alice. " replied the Gryphon. " The Mock Turtle made no reply, but only sighed more deeply and hid his face in his paws.

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