Algebra for College Students (5th Edition) (MathXL Tutorials by Margaret L. Lial

By Margaret L. Lial

The Lial sequence has helped millions of scholars reach developmental arithmetic via its pleasant writing sort, quite a few real looking examples, large challenge units, and entire vitamins package deal. in response to its confirmed song checklist, this revision incorporates a new open layout, extra workouts and purposes, and extra beneficial properties to assist either scholars and teachers be triumphant.

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Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. 32 CHAPTER 1 Review of the Real Number System 94. 86, where x represents the year. S. ) (a) Use this expression to complete the table. Round answers to the nearest tenth. 8 (b) Describe the trend in the amount of federal spending on education during these years. An Addison-Wesley product. Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. 4 Properties of Real Numbers The study of any object is simplified when we know the properties of the object. For example, a property of water is that it freezes when cooled to 0°C.

The associative property is used to change the 8. Like terms are terms with the of two terms or factors. of three terms or factors. variables raised to the 9. When simplifying an expression, only 10. The coefficient in the term Ϫ8yz is 2 powers. terms can be combined. Simplify each expression. See Examples 1 and 2. 11. 2͑m ϩ p͒ 12. 3͑a ϩ b͒ 13. Ϫ12͑x Ϫ y͒ 14. Ϫ10͑ p Ϫ q͒ 15. 5k ϩ 3k 16. 6a ϩ 5a 17. 7r Ϫ 9r 18. 4n Ϫ 6n 19. Ϫ8z ϩ 4w 20. Ϫ12k ϩ 3r 21. a ϩ 7a 22. s ϩ 9s 23. Ϫ͑2d Ϫ f ͒ 24. Ϫ͑3m Ϫ n͒ Simplify each expression.

X ϩ 7 2x Ϫ 8 ϩ ෇ Ϫ4 6 2 Ϫ1 ϩ 7 2͑Ϫ1͒ Ϫ 8 ϩ ෇ Ϫ4 ? Let x ෇ Ϫ1. 6 2 Ϫ10 6 ϩ ෇ Ϫ4 ? 6 2 1 Ϫ 5 ෇ Ϫ4 ? Ϫ4 ෇ Ϫ4 True Step 2 6 The solution checks, so the solution set is ͕Ϫ1͖. Now Try Exercise 41. An Addison-Wesley product. Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. 54 CHAPTER 2 Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Applications In later sections we solve problems involving interest rates and concentrations of solutions. These problems involve percents that are converted to decimals. The equations that are used to solve such problems involve decimal coefficients.

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