Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Level One by Willard A. Palmer

By Willard A. Palmer

Even if this sequence of books will not substitute a skilled instructor, when you've got a hankering to ultimately have the capacity to play that piano (or keyboard) that is been striking round your place without end, this sequence will do the trick. you will not finish up enjoying whatever that threatens the placement of the good piano maestros of our day, yet it is easy to choose up chords and a melody and make a tune sound such as you want it to.

This sequence is determined by child steps to coach you a key, or a strategy, or a collection of chords. You play a few uncomplicated routines, then a music or that emphasizes what you may have simply realized within the routines. at times you succeed in a degree the place you are prepared to tackle a small tune publication. i like to recommend that you simply get the music books too and play through them at any time when you succeed in a type of degrees.

If you actually need to profit to play the piano, ensure you can allot at the least a part hour an afternoon to perform, and an hour is best. At that fee in a truly few weeks time you possibly can galvanize friends and family, and perhaps play the track for making a song carols at a Christmas occasion. :-) remark | Permalink

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1 & "quar - ter &" etc. eighth" etc. 2 dot, ~.. j) ;11 : &" etc. eighth" etc. In ~ or ! time, the DOTTED QUARTER NOTE is almost a/wars tollowed by an EIGHTH NOTE! 0--,,",--- - - 49 MEASURES FROM FAMILIAR SONGS 1. Count & clap (or tap) the notes. USING DOTTED QUARTER 2. Play & count. NOTES 3. Play & sing the words. C POSITION ~ ~ j~~~~~~~ ~. Si - jent ~ j~~~~~~~~ . I night, Ho - Iy I night, MIDDLE C POSITION (Both thumbs on Middle C) . i f" . 1 MIDDLE C POSITION e tor - got, be 4 C POSITION ~t j~~=~~~~~~~!

This piece begins with the hands in MIDDLE C POSITION. Atter the tirst tuil measure is played, the LH moves to C POSITION to play chords. Change positions as indicated in the music. This beautitul aid Shaker melody was used by the tamous American composer, Aaron Copland, in his well-known symphonic composition, Appalachian Spring. Moderately slow F Move LH to C POSITION! 1 ~ 3 5 Return LH to MIDDLE C POSITION! 2 Move LH to C POSITION! . 2nd time ritardando* - - 1':"'1 . 2 5 *ritardando means gradually slowing.

C_-' 39 Warm, Up using G, D7 & C Chords This warm-up intraduces a new way af playing BROKEN CHOROS. : I 07 ~ ~t Braken ~ ~ I~F;. I'~ I G Braken E ~ ~ I [~.. .. 1 3 5 5 1 3 1 2 5 5 1 2 1 2 5 5 1 2 5 1 3 5 BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES ~)))) Moderately G 3 tast C 1 5 3 5 1 I 2 5 I I 1 2 I '. C I I . 5 I 1 3 I ... 40 (~) {or Right Hand lntroducing TO FIND E: Place the RH in G POSITION. Leave finger 1 on G. Shift all other fingers one white key to the right. GAB C DE 1 2 3 4 5 Play slowly. Say the note names as you play.

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