A Contribution to the Study of Galactic Dimensions by Shapley H.

By Shapley H.

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1500–1612 (Nürnberg, 1955); Gerrit J. Schenk, Zeremoniell und Politik. Herrschereinzüge im spätmittelalterlichen Reich (Cologne, 2003); Peer Fries, ‘Der Kaiser kommt in die Stadt’, in Rolf Kießling and Sabine Ullmann (eds), Das Reich in der Region während des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit (Constance, 2005), pp. 27–60, esp. 33–4. 58 59 38 Political Space in Pre-industrial Europe triumphal processions into nearly all the cities and princely residences through which he passed. Then at Augsburg on the eve of the diet he was greeted by 1,200 landsknechts and burghers under arms.

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