A Beginner's Guide to Reality: Exploring Our Everyday by Jim Baggott

By Jim Baggott

A certain fusion of philosophy and metaphysics set opposed to the backdrop of up to date culture.

Have you ever questioned if the area is basically there whilst you’re now not having a look? we have a tendency to take the truth of our international a great deal without any consideration. This booklet will lead you down the rabbit gap looking for whatever we will element to, grasp our hats on, and say this is often actual. alongside the way in which Jim Baggott provides the $64000 arguments about the nature truth as tested via the world’s maximum thinkers—from the philosophers of historic Greece to trendy scientists and social theorists—and takes on materialism, conception, and development in a refreshingly new and enjoyable means. five b&w illustrations

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We believe it is more true to say that the earth goes around the sun, as this provides a better description of reality. Finally, we have to work out what to do about the fact that reality is made up of things we can't see, such as molecules and atoms. But this really isn't so difficult. It is very hard to imagine how our world would work at all were it not for the unseen microstructures at the heart of all matter (including ourselves), and all light. Modern technology would be impossible if we did not first acknowledge the existence of these microstructures.

Television it is, reality it's not. Whilst reality television is intended as light entertainment, a kind of chewing gum for the mind, Michael Moore's film Bowling for Columbine is (at least in parts) a more thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of the darker influence of the medium of television. The film is an investigation of American gun laws and gun culture and their relationship with the Columbine high school massacre. The film targets prevailing gun laws and the American constitutional right to bear arms, but these appear strikingly less important in determining the incidence of firearms-related deaths in America than a culture of fear and prejudice, fed relentlessly by news media obsessed with violent crime: ‘if it bleeds, it leads’.

8 Doppelgänger PART THREE Physical Reality, or Are Photons Real? 9 Terra Firma? 10 Rise of the Danish Priesthood 11 For Whom the Bell Tolls 12 Reality in Loops and Strings Epilogue: The Persistent Illusion Bibliography and Filmography Index Preface Where are you right now? Maybe you're standing in a bookstore, flicking idly through the pages of this book. Maybe you're sitting on a train, or in an airport lounge, killing time. Maybe you're sitting up in bed, reading this as a way of shutting out the mental clamour of your day prior to shutting down.

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